Supper Club & other event photos

Salla from Steel for Stoke showing our guest Steve how to play the steel pan
Crab & Avocado Guacamole with Cucumber Chilli salsa
Lamb Pastelles with Tamarind Sauce
Okra Vegetarian Jambalaya
Version 2
I love my job!
Amira & Veronique, all the way from Belgium and France have been more than once to Supper Club.
Chick Pea & Sweet potato curry on Spinach Pancake served with Apple Mango Chutney.
Version 2
Our famous Prawn Parcels with Ginger Soy
Version 2
Bluebells Cafe, Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre transformed into a Caribbean setting for Cajun-Caribbean Supper Club.
Rosie & Bernhard have just moved to Shrewsbury from Germany and have already been three times to Supper Club. They love it!
Guests are greeted with a sumptuous glass of Caribbean Rum Punch, sprinkled with fresh nutmeg and a dash of Angostura bitters. Delicious!
Make & Taste event. Its a small intimate interactive mini demo/ cookery course. Tasting as you go along.
Getting ready to make Prawn parcels. Its all hands on at Kitchen Thyme with Sabrina Zeif.
Version 2
June 2016 Supper Club. Guests starting to arrive.

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