Sabrina’s Green Herb Seasoning

My Mom always have a bottle of green herb seasoning in her refrigerator. It makes cooking so much easier and full of Caribbean flavour. Never again throw away your fresh herbs. Add some Caribbean to your cooking with Sabrina’s Green Herb Seasoning.


1 cups fresh coriander including stems

 1/2 cup parsley stems removed

 1/4  cup thyme stems removed

5 spring onions

5-8 pegs garlic

25 g fresh ginger

1 red chilli pepper

1/4 cup cider vinegar

1 lime juiced

1 teaspoon salt


Peel, trim and wash the ingredients.

Chop herbs into smaller pieces.

Place all the ingredients into food processor and blend to pesto or chunky seasoning rub.

Use as a marinade or rub on meats and seafood. Great as a seasoning in soups.

Can be frozen in ice-cube trays, store in freezer in zip lock bag or plastic container.

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