Car Fest North 2016

Car Fest a magical weekend of entertainment, filled with music, cars, food and fun for the whole family. Simply Good Food TVs Chefs helped to support the charity Children In Need organised by Chris Evans and the BBC.

I was proud to represent Simply Good Food TV at Car Fest North, Bolesworth Castle, Chester on all three exciting days. Of course you know, I cooked up a Caribbean storm on the Chef’s stage with the talented host Mr Andrew Dickens.

Here is what I cooked on stage:

Friday 29th July

Trinidad Herb Marinade – the quintessential seasoning from Caribbean cooking

Grilled Chicken with Passion Fruit Rum Glaze, Char grilled Bok Choi & Courgettes

Caribbean Rum Punch

Saturday 30th July

Caribbean Curry Prawns with Chickpeas & Sweet Potato on Spinach pancake served with Apple Mango Chutney

Rum Punch Fruit Smoothie ( Need Nutri Bullet or blender) or repeat Rum Punch with different ingredients.

Sunday 31st July

Cod Buljol with Okra Cou-Cou drizzled with tamarind sauce

Pineapple, Mango & Strawberry Salsa.

Rum Punch Cocktail

All our lucky guests got a sample of our now famous Rum Punch.

Fresh off the press… SGFTV will be back at Car Fest 2017 and yours truly will be at both North & South. Looking forward!

SGFTV Chefs Theo, Jon & Sabrina with Tom Kerridge
SGFTV Chefs Theo, Michaels, Jon Fells & Sabrina Zeif with Tom Kerridge
Irish Celebrity Chef Rachel Allen & SGFTV Chef Sabrina Zeif
Irish Celebrity Chef Rachel Allen & SGFTV Chef Sabrina Zeif
Making our famous Kitchen Thyme Caribbean Rum Punch. It does pack a punch!


Host Mr Andrew DIckens
Host Mr Andrew Dickens…. he was simply amazing!
Herb Seasonings
Coriander, Spring Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli peppers, Thyme and Womersley Black Pepper & Lavender vinegar makes a va va voom herb seasoning.
Theo, Sabrina & Jon
Theo Michaels, Sabrina Zeif & Jon Fells: Simply Good Food TV Chefs
Okra Cou Cou with Salt fish & Tomato
Brian Adams on Stage
Brian Adams
Prepped and ready to rumble….


Supper Club & other event photos

Salla from Steel for Stoke showing our guest Steve how to play the steel pan
Crab & Avocado Guacamole with Cucumber Chilli salsa
Lamb Pastelles with Tamarind Sauce
Okra Vegetarian Jambalaya
Version 2
I love my job!
Amira & Veronique, all the way from Belgium and France have been more than once to Supper Club.
Chick Pea & Sweet potato curry on Spinach Pancake served with Apple Mango Chutney.
Version 2
Our famous Prawn Parcels with Ginger Soy
Version 2
Bluebells Cafe, Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre transformed into a Caribbean setting for Cajun-Caribbean Supper Club.
Rosie & Bernhard have just moved to Shrewsbury from Germany and have already been three times to Supper Club. They love it!
Guests are greeted with a sumptuous glass of Caribbean Rum Punch, sprinkled with fresh nutmeg and a dash of Angostura bitters. Delicious!
Make & Taste event. Its a small intimate interactive mini demo/ cookery course. Tasting as you go along.
Getting ready to make Prawn parcels. Its all hands on at Kitchen Thyme with Sabrina Zeif.
Version 2
June 2016 Supper Club. Guests starting to arrive.

5 facts uncovered about Modern Caribbean Food

This blog post will blow your perception of typical Caribbean food. We are writing this article because modern Caribbean food is not just jerk chicken, rice and peas. Caribbean food is a fiery fusion of many cultures all mixed in the melting pot that stems from the days of colonisation. It heralds flavours from Africa, India, China, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon, Britain, France, South America and the list goes on. We want to share with you some of the exciting foods available and that can be enjoyed every day. We hope that after you’ve read this it will open up your eyes and tastebuds to modern Caribbean food.

Here at Kitchen Thyme UK in Shrewsbury one of our favourite Caribbean dishes is grilled prawns with a mango salsa and the reason why we like it so much is because it is bursting with flavour and can be made on the hob. You just peel the prawns, keep the tail on, butterfly, season with salt, black pepper, fresh coriander and garlic. Grill for two minutes on griddle pan with bit of rapeseed oil. Drizzle with teriyaki sauce and serve with mango and carrot salsa. The mango and carrot salsa is made by grating both in equal amounts. Season with salt, black pepper, coriander, chives, garlic and fresh chilli pepper. Add a splash of cider vinegar and its ready.A simple dish like this completely blows the top off what people think Caribbean food is made up off. Its fresh, its light, its tasty and it takes minutes to prepare. Can be eaten as an appetiser or as a main.

Another unknown Caribbean dish is crab cakes. The influence of crab cakes comes from the abundance of fresh seafood available on the islands. In fact growing up, I remember going crabbing with my dad. Crabs can be cooked with spinach to produce a dish called callaloo (spinach type soup),curry crab and dumplings but my favourite is a spicy crab dip made with crab claws. There are many ways to cook crab, in its shell it takes about 30 minute. The claw meat takes mere minutes to cook.

These are just two of our many dishes created here at Kitchen Thyme‘s Supper Club which are favourites amongst our guests.

Fact 1 – Caribbean food goes way beyond jerk chicken, rice and peas.

Fact 2 – Each island has its own distinctive blend of  herbs and spices.

Fact 3 –The Trinidad Moruga “Scorpion” Pepper has officially been ranked as the world’s                    hottest pepper by the Guinness Book of Records.

Fact 4- Trinidad & Tobago may have more national dishes than any other country.

Fact 5 : Caribbean people drink fresh coconut water with Rum, Scotch and for all ailments.

Testimonial: June Supper Club -Esther

Belatedly, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the most wonderful evening last month. We were so pleased to be able to make the June Supper Club. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was great fun and very relaxed and it was one of the best evenings we have had in ages! The steel band was a great touch and we loved our little take-home goody. Can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks Sabrina and all your team.